Patient Public Reviews – Make It Simple for Patients to Rave about Your Practice
Increase the online exposure of your practice by making it seamless for your patients to provide a review on sites like Google Places, Facebook, and Yelp.

During the survey process those patients who want to share their experience with the general public can be provided a direct link to public review sites like Google, Facebook and Yelp. The rating from their survey is transferred directly to Google simplifying the process helping to ensure that they complete the review.

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New patients will be attracted to your practice if they see a significant number of public patient reviews from your existing patients.

Surveying after every appointment generates more online reviews. Patients will receive either an email or text message linking them to your survey. Those patients can then be connected directly to your social media and public review sites increasing your online presence.

Surveys are Delivered by Email or Text Message. Reach patients using a text message when patients don’t have a valid email address on file. The text message will contain a link that will allow them to complete the survey from their phone.

Make it really easy for patients, and they’ll do it. From the survey, a single click will take the patient into the public review of their choice. Keeping this simple will lead to a higher number of completed positive reviews.

Watch it work. The Dashboard Reporting & Analytics tools will bring you instant visibility when patients link to a public review site. You can see which patients opted to complete a public review and those that didn’t.

Mobile Phone Friendly. The patient surveys and link to Google Reviews, Facebook or Yelp is optimized to work on a smart phone’s display. Patients won’t need to zoom in or scroll to provide you a raving review.

Patient Public Reviews

User Experience

Patient's Experience:
During the survey process patients are offered the ability to be directly connected to the practice’s desired public review pages (Google, Yelp, Facebook etc.) If a patient has already entered an overall star rating for the appointment, that value is prepopulated on Google.

Staff Experience:
Have access to the survey results (including comments) with the ability to see which patients elected to be sent to a public review site.

Practice Experience:
Can increase their public reviews by providing a seamless handoff from the practice’s standard survey process to the desired public review site.

  • Makes it easy for patients to post reviews to website and social media
  • Carry forward the overall star rating from practice survey to Google Review page
  • Offer multiple public review option to the patient including Google Review, Yelp, and Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configurable which public review options are offered? Yes, present whichever public review sites you want. Only those you configure will appear as an option to the patient.

Can the surveys be used to rate the effectiveness of my providers and performance of my staff? The questions are configurable using a rating system which can then be summarized and averaged to provide how well your providers and staff are doing.

Do patients have to complete my survey to do a public review? No, it’s optional. If you are more interested in increasing public reviews, you can offer the ability to jump to the public review during the survey. Or you can link them to your public review site when they submit the completed survey.

Is the review certified? Yes, the survey is sent to a patient that had an appointment and is tracked back to that patient.

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