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On-Hold Music & Messaging
Connect your telephone waiting room to PhoneRover's Health On-Hold Network™, designed to inform, educate and entertain your patients while they wait.
Custom Messages
Answer your patients most frequently asked questions. Promote your practice and staff. Communicate office policies and deliver helpful info to your patients waiting on-hold.
Holiday Messages
Wish your on-hold patients well during the holidays. Entertain them with fun holiday trivia and seasonal music; and remind them of office closings with PhoneRover's Holiday Messaging.
Health Messages
Promote the awareness of nationally recognized health issues and engage callers with a wide range of healthy lifestyle topics such as diet and exercise and disease prevention.
Music Library
Choose from a variety of musical genres to create the perfect background of music tracks that callers hear – mixed perfectly with the messages in your playlist.
Patient Appointment Reminders
Automatically remind patients of upcoming appointments and provide special appointment instructions using personalized phone call reminders and text messages.
New Patients
Remind new patients of upcoming appointments and include helpful instructions such as when to arrive, what info to bring, how to download new patient forms, where to park and more.
Established Patients
Confirm appointments in advance and politely remind patients of any office policies to make sure the schedule flows smoothly and patients know what to expect.
Lab Work
Each appointment "type" can relay specific information during the confirmation call to make sure that any pre-appointment instructions are followed ( like fasting or medication stoppage) to ensure a successful appointment.
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Patient Outreach Notifications
Promote better patient outcomes. Send routine wellness and shot notifications. Even help your practice's bottom line with PhoneRover's Patient Outreach capabilities.
Patient Wellness
Call patients to set an appointment when they are due for a routine visit or chronic illness exam. Use PhoneRover's preventative wellness messages to encourage healthy lifestyles.
Keep patients healthy with proactive calls to remind them it's time to come in for a flu shot, or other recommended vaccinations.
Past Due Balance
Call patients to remind them of past-due balances and provide the option to have the call transferred directly to your accounts payable desk.
Patient Rescheduling
Rescheduling no-shows or future appointments has never been easier. You can even provide patients with the option to transfer directly to your scheduling desk.
Inclement Weather Notifications
Rapidly notify patients and staff about appointment cancellations, delays and office closures that occur as a result of inclement weather.
Doctor has to Cancel
Clear the schedule of a physician at a moment's notice and provide options to patients to get them rescheduled.
Patient No-Shows
Call and notify patients of a missed appointment and conveniently provide them with the option to set a new appointment.
Broadcast Notification Services
Broadcast messages enable you to rapidly call and deliver the exact same voice message or text message to a large number of patients, fast.
We've Moved
New office? Practices can send broadcasts to make sure that their patients know exactly where they've moved, and how to get there.
Policy Changes
Changes in policy? With a simple broadcast, practices can make sure their patients are well informed of any office policy changes prior to the patient's visit.
New Services
New Staff? Practices can get the word out with a broadcast, and also let their patients know that the scope of their care has expanded.

Patient Messaging & Notification Service

PhoneRover helps practices communicate with patients via Automated Voice Calls, SMS Text Messages and through our Health-On-Hold Channel™, resolving time-consuming communication issues associated with patient notifications and inquiries.
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